If you would like to buy something, please click the cart-icon and finish your order by pressing the PayPal-Button on the right. You will then be redirected to PayPal. All my kits are roughly 28mm scale (1:56) and made from resin and metal. Exceptions are stated in the articletext. You can see more images of the actual kits in the galleries. Click on an image to get there! All measures are centimeters.
Cheers, Tobi!
Iron Horse
24 Euro
Italian Artillery from World War 1. Obice 305/17 Howitzer´╗┐. You might need some horses to move it arround. Horses not included...
18 Euro
They called me fat and clumsy but I will show them, when I grow up!
The kit includes two machineguns and a flying base. Driver not included.
18 Euro
A tank like a clenched fist! Unpredictable and brutal. There are two turret variants and many bits for customizing your tank in the kit.
24 Euro
Strong as a Bison, fast as a.... Bison! This prototype for the U.S. Army was build in 1917 based on the Best Tracklayer model 75 tractor. Massive kit!
14 Euro
NEW PRICE! Fancy convertible, silver metallic. No more problems with road holes or flat tires.Everything else can be solved with the twin machine guns. Metal and resin, pilot and flying base included!
21 Euro
Eight arms, four tracks, two eyes, one driver. Specialized in pinching, hammering and sawing (its opponent). Kit comes in 26 pieces including 8 metal weapons and an alternative bottom for an underwater option.
Treffas Wagen
20 Euro
Prototype of a german tank from 1917. The concept of sticking a gun in a tractor and moving it backwards towards the enemy has not succeeded... please allow 3 days additional shipping time due to limited casting time!
20 Euro
bzzzz... Do you hear that? Bzzzzz... Sounds like a giant insect! BZZZZZZ... Don't be foolish, there are no insects that big. Famous last words. 17 pieces resin and metall, pilot sculpted by Bob Olley included! Flightbase included!
Lunex CV
24 Euro
Check out the new Lunar Explorer Command Vehicle... you will never again want to explore new planets or occupy inhabited moons without it! Almost 10cm tall! Metal and resin, massive!
13 Euro
Love boat Tobsen77 style... peddlewheels, steam, steel and wood... one man party, no shore leave planned. Gun included, driver not!
13 Euro
Small and chunky, fast and dangerous. That is the Kr├Âte! Steel armor and maximum firepower. This beast will not be stopped so easily! Painted by Aircav
3 Euro
28mm metal mini, suited for the Monowheel, Blimp and many more... sculpted by Bob Olley!
10 Euro
i-am-your-friend---i-protect-you---i-won't-hurt-you---hurt-you---chr-chr-chr--ERROR---MALFUNCTION-DETECTED---must-kill---must-kill... 45mm tall, plain 40mm base included ...Painted by Tim C
9 Euro
Speed and steam, courage and firepower! Driver, gun and base not included. The Gunner on the picture is Copplestones british HMG guy, other 28mm sitting minis should fit too! Painted by anevilgiraffe
One Man Army
9 Euro
Size doesn't matter, this tank proves it. Driver not included. 5cm tall. Painted and converted by Dagenhameast
Blimp I
12 Euro
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the flying steam squad, at your service! Driver and gun not included. Flying base included! (Painted by Dags, Minis from Perry Miniatures, Sudan British SB19)
Stridsvagn M21
19 Euro
German tank LKII developed during WW1. Only two were built. Swedens m21-29 is based on this prototype. Painted by Aircav
19 Euro
Streamline! Superfast boat from the 30s or smooth space ship with optional closed cockpit and laser guns... pew pew. Painted by Auton
18 Euro
Following the Tobsen77 tradition \small crew / big mayhem\ here comes the Mononef. Armed with two guns in the front and two bombs in the back this fighter does duty in the middle of the battle! Suitable for 15mm or 28mm
Wheeled Tank
19 Euro
Four wheels and lots of power! Steamdriven mayhem for VSF or 39+1K, you choose! 14cm long. Painted by by MadMacGobbo
ZiL 29061
18 Euro
This screw-driven vehicle is your best choice when it comes to difficult terrain. Built in Russia in the 70s.
19 Euro
Weird medieval or dwarfen masterclass? A very visionary construcion from ancient times. Kit contains four additional hatches and guns!
16 Euro
Heavy duty machine does heavy duty. And is the star at every agricultural fair... Painted by Jonas Frickmann
15 Euro
Russian tank prototype from 1915. Single track, two man crew. Google \Vezdekhod\ for further information. 28mm scale, 6,3cm long.
Death Ray Buggy
16 Euro
Mad villains first choice. This weapon can destroy whole solar system with the first shot and brings down giant monkeys as well. Works green, without radioactivity. Alternate weapon included.
Weird Walker
12 Euro
Under the sea or on solid ground, this fellow feels at home in many environments. Seperate arms and legs, nicely poseable! 7,5cm tall.
19 Euro
Austro-Hungarian Junovicz armoured car built before and during WW1. Take an old lorry, put some armor plates on it and stick machine guns on every side. (Mini not included)
24 Euro
This titan dominates the battlefield with its huge fieldgun and the triple mgs. Dynamic posing possible, all joints are separate parts. 12 part kit, 13cm tall, 120g heavy!
4 Euro
Small remote tank for 28mm or huge ironclad for epic battles? Count-as-marine in a robot army or self-propelled landmine? 2cm long...
16 Euro
Mini submarine for a one person crew. Only for scientific missions of course! Diameter of the hull is 4cm. Underwaterbase included!
Cannon Team
15 Euro
Full automatic artillery unit. Includes spotter, loader and gun. Each vehicle is about 3cm long so they are suitable for different scales. Tracks can be attached in different angles.
Speed Bike
4 Euro
Superfast bike. Akiratron anybody? Rather 25mm than 28mm scale... 4,5cm long!
16 Euro
Perfect companion for the tractor. Armed and armored. The wheels are reversable, look at the other images. Painted by Jonas Frickmann